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Meet the Trust and Staff

The Sinclair Electrical & Refrigeration Event Centre is governed by The Opunake Sports and Recreation Trust. The past and present Trustees have been an integral part of the Event Centre's story and we would like to acknowledge everyone who has held a position on the Trust. 

The Event Centre is managed by two facility managers, Candace Toopi and Natasha Sefton-Zachan. We also have a wonderful cleaner, Geraldine Waiwiri. 

Sinclair Event Centre Roof Replacement

During the months of November and December 2023, the roof was replaced at the Facility thanks to local legends Gibson Plumbing. The roof replacement was a major project between the Opunake Sports and Recreation Trust and the South Taranaki District Council. The Opunake and wider communities will benefit from this as of today, tomorrow and many more years to come. The roofers worked tirelessly to get the job done with minimal disruption to the facility. On behalf of The Opunake Sports and Recreation Trust, we would like to thank Gibson Plumbing for getting the job done. 

Roof 2.jpg

A very special thanks to Tara Gibson for taking these drone shots. 

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